Exploring Ways To Control Costs With Cheap Divorce Lawyers

In Oklahoma, divorce petitioners evaluate projected costs for their divorce. A typical divorce case could present attorney fees and court costs. Petitioners who are considering ways to minimize their costs could find a less expensive option if they can achieve an uncontested divorce. A local attorney could present them with options that help them control their costs.

Choose No-Fault Grounds

First, by choosing no-fault divorce grounds, the petitioner could increase their chances of an uncontested divorce. No-fault divorce grounds don’t assign blame for either party. To proceed with the case, the defendant must respond to the divorce summons and agree to the terms. If the petitioner won’t benefit from fault-based grounds, they could avoid potential issues by choosing no-fault options.

Present an Agreement that is Acceptable

The defendant must also agree to the terms of the divorce. The first issue that could emerge is the division of marital property. Typically, the couple may fight over the marital home or assets they owned before the marriage. The agreement must present an equal division of the assets. In an attempt to arrive at acceptable terms, the petitioner may consider restoring ownership of assets that their spouse owned prior to the marriage.

Address Child Custody and Support Realistically

Child custody and support agreements should be managed more realistically. If neither parent poses a risk to the child, joint custody could present a more suitable choice. An even split between time with the children could lower the need for child support. The income of each party defines the need for child support.

Taxes, Debts, and Retirement Plans

The length of the marriage defines access to retirement or pension plans. The petitioner could consider access to these plans in lieu of awarding the defendant other assets. When creating their agreement, they should also review options related to these plans and how to manage debts and tax requirements.

In Oklahoma, divorce petitioners evaluate the total cost of their divorce based on potential circumstances. If their spouse is a reasonable individual, they could work with their spouse to reach an agreement without a divorce trial. Petitioners who want to review costs and requirements contact Cheap divorce lawyers today.