Not All Memory Foam Mattresses are the Same

Since the 1990’s when memory foam was first introduced, there have been many manufacturers, types, and styles on the market. Like any other bed, people really need to try out different mattresses before purchasing one. Go to a furniture store and lay down on the mattresses that are on display. The feel will be much different than a traditional box spring and mattress bed.

The Difference

Foam contours the body for superior support with no pressure points. That is ideal for people with back problems, those who wake up with neck pain, and some that toss and turn all night because they cannot get comfortable. There is also minimal motion transfer so this bed is perfect for couples. The sleeping partner will not be disturbed when the other gets up or moves around.

Which One to Choose

Independent reviews are helpful because they will contain objective comments from people who own a memory foam mattress. Speaking to friends or coworkers who have one is also a way to get important information. Make a list of questions and note the brands mentioned for comparison. There are also mattress guides and reviews on websites dedicated to passing along information on memory foam.

Types of Memory Foam

Three types of foam are used in mattresses. Traditional foam does not have any way to circulate air and will get hot quickly. For people who are always cold, this is an advantage. Those who prefer a cooler sleeping temperature may want to skip traditional foam and find an air cooled memory foam mattress. This type has a layer that does allow air to circulate, which eliminates the heat problem.

The third type is gel memory foam. This is the latest type and was designed to provide even more support than the first two types. Some manufacturers may combine two types for better quality. The base layer may be traditional foam while the tops layers are air cooled foam.

A Revolutionary Design

The newest luxury memory foam mattress combines all three types to allow customers the advantages of each one. It also provides excellent support in relaxed firm and firm options. The Loom and Leaf mattress is made in America, includes sustainable plant-based foam, and will last for ten to fifteen years. Those interested can take a look at this for detailed information regarding this and many other memory foam mattresses.