Home Lift Options

Home lifts are becoming very popular in homes where people live who might find it challenging to go up and down stairs. Also, those who like the convenience of having a way to transport items from one level of their home to the other. It could be easier and less expensive than one would think to install a lift or dumbwaiter in a residence. There are a few different categories of lifts for various uses.

Home Lift

This is the most common type of lift for a residence. They take up very little space and are an affordable way to see that four to eight passengers can move with ease from floor to floor. The biggest challenge people face as they get older is getting around and stairs can become the worst obstacle. The cost of installing a lift is reasonable when compared to the cost of having to relocate to another home or into an assisted living facility. The lift will pay for itself pretty quickly.

Passenger Lift

These are more common in apartments or facilities where ten to forty people might want to ride at the same time. These are installed for the convenience of those who just don’t want to take the stairs as well as for convenience when carrying packages or groceries in to an apartment or office. Also, those with mobility issues can know that they can get where they need to when visiting the facility.


A dumbwaiter may seem like a thing of the past, but they are still very popular in homes today. They are not intended for passengers, however this allows residents to move plates, laundry and groceries with ease from one level of their home to the next. They range from 50kg to 300kg. They take up very little space, so it’s a good bet a homeowner can place it just about anywhere in the house. People are finally realizing that there is endless potential for these older forms of home convenience technology. They are not only handy, they also decrease in likelihood of a back strain or injury. These factors also get the attention of homeowners.

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